Tours Bahia

For over 25 years Tours Bahia International provides the very best in tourism, events and incentives. Since the company’s founding in 1995, our main concern has been the excellence and quality of services offered to our customers.

Throughout our history, we have developed a unique and special labor policy, knowing the background targets, understanding the profile of our customers with sustainable and social responsibility and always innovating in our products, making us one of the most complete companies in Bahia in the tourism sector.

All the knowledge acquired during these 20 years of existence, has made us experts in the Bahia destination.
Currently, Tours Bahia has a team of highly qualified professionals to meet all our customers’ needs, whether in tourism, events or incentives.

We have tools that make it have more agility from planning and organization to the implementation of the proposed services.

Besides all our know-how in the sectors already informed, Tours Bahia has innovated once again, given to groups of students of international schools and universities. With specific programs involving study, knowledge, culture and fun, Tours Bahia makes the learning of these students even more pleasurable.

With all commitment, efficiency and quality of services offered, Tours Bahia goes far beyond a business proposition. Concern for the satisfaction of our customers makes the company invest increasingly in infrastructure, staff training and suppliers. Our pursuit of excellence never ends, Tours Bahia International is a differential in the Bahia tourism market and in Brazil.

Estrela Tours Bahia Group companies

Our companies form a business’s group operating in Hospitality, Tourism, Restaurants and Arts sectors, which share the same vision, values and ideals. Our performance is also enhanced by our innovation and entrepreneurship capacity.